William Hugh Jennings
Wildlife Art Bronze Sculptures

Wm. Hugh Jennings listens as young Landon tells why this bronze sculpture is one of his favorites at the 2011 Bradford Brinton Memorial & Museum Holiday Art Show.

As a child, William Hugh played with the cast metal images of animals from his parents' trophy shop.  He would collect and study these small wildlife art sculptures - their detailed and polished surfaces intrigued him.  With a love for animals, he always looked forward to the next zoo or museum visit with his parents.  Growing up on a remote Wyoming ranch and spending summers in the Big Horn Mountains gave many opportunities to watch the great variety of native wildlife.

Early attempts at art were encouraged.  Producing wildlife art in the form of a drawing or painting was common, but the presence and permanence of bronze sculptures intrigued William Hugh.  Within three decades, this curious young boy would be creating bronze sculptures for his wildlife art clients around the world.

Our natural world and its inhabitants are not only the subjects of his wildlife art, but also his teachers.  This one-on-one contact between artist and animal play an essential part in his artistic process.  Thus, the spirit portrayed in his wildlife art is more honest and believable.  William Hugh wishes to touch the viewer/collector of his artwork in a way that will remind them of an event, feeling or memory from our natural world.  Thus, during the fast pace of a hectic day, pleasure or relief can be found in simply viewing his artistic reminder of a shared experience.

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